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Academic writing, explained.

Q&A Pros provided by ThinkSCIENCE

As scientists, doctors, and academics ourselves, we understand the importance of communicating research findings clearly and accurately. We also know that it can be difficult to communicate the finer points of research when writing in a second (or third or fourth) language.

We often hear from researchers and academics that they have questions about writing in English but don’t have quick and easy access to someone to answer these questions. Our Q&A Pros service is designed for just this purpose: Our specialist editors are here to answer your questions.

Q&A Pros is provided by ThinkSCIENCE, a Tokyo-based company that specializes in editing, translating, and writing research papers, conference presentations, grant proposals, textbooks, book chapters, and other documents. Our native editors are recruited worldwide and are specialists in their fields, spanning science, medicine, and the humanities. All are excellent writers and most are published researchers themselves. You can see the background of some of our specialist editors on the ThinkSCIENCE main website.

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We hope you find our Q&A Pros service useful and we look forward to serving you.